UK Tax Strategy

The UK tax strategy in Jesters Chicken Limited (“Jesters Chicken” and “the Company”) has been agreed and approved by the UK board.
Jesters Chicken is a UK registered trading company and pays its tax in the UK.
Jesters Chicken takes its responsibility in relation to all matters involving tax seriously, and ensures that all areas relating to taxation are reviewed across each year.

Approach to Tax Compliance Reporting
Tax compliance and reporting is afforded key status across the Company. Internal and external deadlines and processes are monitored and reviewed to ensure compliance.

Risk Management and Governance Arrangements (UK Taxation)
Jesters Chicken employs a dedicated UK internal tax team to manage its UK fiscal obligations. A professional external adviser network is also engaged. Jesters Chicken has a strong relationship with HMRC, and engages in an annual business risk review program, which provides a consistent monitor of risk, governance and status.
The board, senior management team and senior accounting officers are updated across the year in relation to all aspects of taxation and formal reporting deadlines. All external audits are adhered to.

Jesters Chicken’s Attitude towards Tax Planning (UK Taxation)
Jesters Chicken complies with all UK taxation rules and regulations. The Company utilises reliefs, deductions and allowances in line with UK rules and regulations.

Risk Acceptance (UK Taxation)
Jesters Chicken monitors risk across the year and takes all necessary steps to ensure compliance with UK regulations. Formal procedures (e.g. advance pricing agreements and other formal agreements) are entered into with HMRC where appropriate.
Jesters Chicken’s normal business and projects are regularly reviewed for compliance with UK rules and regulations.

Jesters Chicken’s Approach towards HMRC
Jesters Chicken seeks to maintain a strong relationship with HMRC and engages fully in annual business reviews and other interactions throughout the year.
Jesters Chicken aims always to engage with HMRC in a constructive, timely and transparent way.
We regard the publication of this strategy as complying with our duty under paragraph 19(2) of schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016. The strategy covers the year to 27th December 2020.