Our Menu

We at Jesters Chicken use our 19-spice recipe to create the most tasting Chicken which is Freshly prepared daily.

Jesters Family Meal

Buckets of our famous chicken made for sharing.

Burger Meals

Famous Original Recipe Chicken, box meals, burgers and more...

Dips in Demand

A little bit extra on the side?

Pair-up Drinks

Ice cold refreshments


No chicken in sight, just the amazing taste of the eleven herbs and spices.

Jesters JR.-Kids Meals

Give into temptation and indulge in one of our sweet treats.

One Eat Menu

The amazing taste of eleven herbs and spices in our wraps, rice-boxes and salads.


Wrap you head around the fact that fired Chicken is even more delicious when rolled in a delectable fresh tortilla.


Meal it like you mean it.